Hydraulic Pile Driver Hose

Hydraulic Pile Driver Hose


SPEC 070-366

The basic design of this hose is from our oilfield Choke & Kill hose construction, with a few modifications to adapt it for the purpose of driving pilings offshore.

  • Designed to operate with the large hydraulic hammers that are in service today

  • Flexible, and delivers performance in excess of the demands for pressure, pulsations, abrasion, vacuum, and heat resistance, when driving pilings

Hose Construction:

  • Inner Lining: spiral strip-wound stainless steel

  • Second Lining: high quality Buna “N” oil resistant compound and special spirals of synthetic materials above the second lining help to protect against deformation and cut down on vibration

  • Reinforcement: four spirals of copper-coated high–strength wire, same as used in our Choke & Kill hose – see page two for diagram

  • Cover: neoprene cover bonded to carcass with nylon breaker strip

  • Built-in API fittings

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ID (inches) OD (inches) MBR (inches) Working Pressure (PSI) Test Pressure (PSI) Weight (lbs/ft.)
4 200 48 6,000 9,000 47