Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber Expansion Joints


Protecting Piping and Equipment Systems from Stress/Motion 

  • Spool Type-Single Arch-Double Arch

  • Spherical Type

  • Wide Arch Type

  • Concentric Reducer Type

  • Eccentric Reducer Type

Benefits of Rubber Expansion Joints:

  1. One-Piece Construction

    A leakproof tube extends through the bore and forms the outside surfaces of the flanges. Natural or synthetic rubber compounds are used to meet the requirements of the application. Both tube and flange are coated with a special urethane formulation for extra resistance to aging.

  2. Longer Service-Higher Pressures
    Longer life and higher working pressures result from “double-protected” construction. The tied metal rings and extra plies over the arch prevent usual causes of expansion joint failure.

  3. No Gaskets

    All expansion joints are supplied with full-face flanges of vulcanized rubber and fabric. This design make gaskets unnecessary.  Large sealing surface permits low bolting pressures and tends to equalize uneven surfaces to provide a tight seal.

  4. Resists Exposure

    A one-piece rubber cover is especially compounded to provide optimum resistance against aging and exposure.  If oil is present in the application, oil-resistant compounds are used for maximum service life. 


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Advantages Over Metallic Expansion Joints:

  • Greater resistance to shock

  • Natural recovery from movement

  • Both axial and lateral deflection

  • No flex-cracking with age

  • No electrolysis problem

  • Better insulation again vibration and sound

  • No gaskets needed

  • Requires less space

  • Lighter weight

  • Easier to install

  • Higher working pressures

  • Longer service life

  • Requires no maintenance