Top Drive Blower Hose

Top Drive Blower Hose


SPEC 070-1129

A heavy-duty, premium hose to prevent dangerous fumes from accumulating around the top drive unit during drilling operations.

  • Copper State Rubber Blower Hoses are designed for long service life

  • This is an excellent Hose for Vapor Recovery Service

Hose Construction:

Tube: multiple plies of nylon tire cord. Internal helix wire
Reinforcement: multiple plies of synthetic textile and high tensile spiral wire
Cover: double thickness, abrasion resistant orange corrugated cover for maximum flexibility

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Additional Details:

ID (inches) OD (inches) Standard Lengths (feet) Max WP* (air) Weight (lbs/ft)
8 9.8 86 50 11
10 11.8 86 50 12.5